Review, Refresh and Renew your Schedule

Gosh, how July has flown by. It has been a rather busy month (with August set to be even busier) and I am rather disappointed that my blogging appears to have taken a back seat.

That is changing now.

I am still playing around with habit tracking and scheduling my time. A couple of months ago I came up with this:


I stuck to the schedule for maybe a month but things changed. I changed the time I commute to work from 7am to 7.30am and I began to use my free time to look for a new flat to move to as my lease is up next month.

Time for a review, refresh and renew! Basically, time to sit down and change my schedule and work out what would work now.

My new schedule:


I have amended this to start the day earlier, fit in my morning routine (shower, breakfast and commute) and change the priorities which divide my time.

I have completed one online course, and the other is mainly audio and proving to be a drag to fit in at work. So online course has been removed in its entirety as has my reading time, which has been shifted to the evening (if and when I have time) rather than a daily goal. According to my habit streak app I only “read part of a book” on 6 days out of 70. Clearly that habit wasn’t working out for me.

Monitoring my habits has actually been a good way to see what is worth sticking to and what I need to take a different approach to. Just because it has not become a habit yet, doesn’t mean it won’t – it just means I am going about it the wrong way… And that it is time to review refresh and renew.