F is for… Filofax #atozchallenge

I bought my first Filofax since I was a kid about 5 months ago. Previously to that I hadn’t used a Filofax since I collected their “funfax” children’s range. My first and favourite was the one pictured below.


Back when I was a kid (yes, I’m a 90s kid) the funfax range were mostly educational, about facts and figures invoking animals, the planet, the human body etc. with with a few more thrown in for amusement (joke file anyone?)There was of course the junior personal organiser (young version of an actual filiofax).

More recently, much like most other kids books they seem to promote tv programmes, or movies. They are promotional tools or merchandise. which is shame really but I can’t complain too much as every kid still needs some playthings that involve paper and pen – and this just might be the way of getting it to them.


7 thoughts on “F is for… Filofax #atozchallenge

  1. One of my mini-obsessions is collecting journals and notebooks. I do most of my writing on the Mac (backspace is so much cleaner and easier than scribbling out passages), but I still love the feel and the texture of having a beautiful, bound book and ballpoint pen (blue ink only!) in hand.

    I never had anything fancy as a kid, just wirebound notebooks that I would fill up. I’ve noticed that my own kids love notebooks just as much as I used to, and I enjoy finding them unique ones. My oldest has her own “Student Planner”, given to her by the school and required for use by her teacher. I guess that would sort of be the equivalent to a Filofax.

    Good luck with the challenge!

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